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"In a world desperate for visionaries and true motivators, it's an honor to be in ones presence. These people understand the true meaning that individually we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. That ocean becomes a reality through hard work, dedication and perseverance. Malaysia is fortunate to have two such people. Congratulations Sabrina ..."
- Tony Stone (International Award-Winning Dancer & Choreographer, Presenter) on The Pet Project Malaysia 2012

"Dear Sabrina, You are one amazing coach. Be it Pilates, Hip Hop, Yoga or running thru my daughters ice skating programs, Aneeta and her friends  are so lucky to have a coach like you. Simply brilliant and amazing in your capability that Aneeta, Dinesh (my 8 year old son) Nerissa and Ashley are blossoming very nicely in their flexibility, agility, dance and expression and most importantly while they are having a good time you are increasing their core strength. Thank you very much for your brilliant and amazing support. Regards, Anushia"
- Anushia N Siva Subramaniam (Lawyer and Mother of Aneeta and Dinesh Lingam)

"Sabrina was truly inspirational in the way she led 75 teenage boys to perform a very complex and exciting routine for our School Competition.
She has an infectious positivity that lights up her classes and which kept the boys yearning for more. She is clearly very experienced and the students really enjoyed working with someone who has so much charisma, enthusiasm and talent. She made them believe they were capable of anything as she pushed their limits, their expectations and their desire to succeed. She needs to be seen in action to be believed. Awesome."
- John Hughes - Housemaster and ECA Co-ordinator - Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar

"My role model’s name is Sabrina Saw. Some of you may know her because she is the dance ASA teacher here in BSKL. She originally came from Hong Kong but she lives here now. She is a naturally positive and active person. The reason I respect and admire her is because of her Go For It attitude and ceaseless smile. Her optimism and determination are never ending. She also plans things calmly and without panicking! I also admire her choice of profession. She is a dance coach and she makes dance so fun and easy that I really love rehearsing with her. She is in magazines and she is respected enough to have Ning Baizura (famous Malaysian singer), JoJo Struys (celebrity & tapper) and Tony Stone(choreographed for the likes of Michael Jackson) come over to BSKL for the Pet Project 2012! If you have ever met or worked with Sabrina you will know what an optimistic, bubbly person she is. Even when she is stressed, she always finds time for a smiley face or two in a text. I hope that I can be as positive and optimistic as her in the future, and being good at dance wouldn’t hurt, too!"
- Camille Neoh (Student, The British International School of Kuala Lumpur)

"We are so proud to be associated with the Pet Project Malaysia. This very ambitious project is due to the vision and enthusiasm of Sabrina Saw, whose passion for making a difference to animals is unquestioned. As an owner of a dog and three cats who have also been rescue animals, I certainly support this cause. Every year there are a huge number of abandoned, stray and injured animals, many of these animals are very friendly and therefore suitable for rehoming. Caring parents and loving homes are their ultimate destinies. We need your help to bring hope and a new home to these poor animals, who have been betrayed by their previous owners. The work of the NGOs who will benefit from the money raised today is commendable and I am sure that you will support their vital work to give stray and abandoned animals a chance. Enjoy the day and the many activities provided. Whether you are on the dance floor, exercising in the gym, climbing the rock climbing wall or taking part in the football coaching - enjoy!"
- Mr. Gilbard Honey-Jones (Headmaster, The British International School of Kuala Lumpur)

"Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar recently presented “Music and Dance” a combination of performances by the various music ensembles at the college and dance performances by students. A highlight of the evening was a dance performance choreographed by Sabrina Saw. The student s, following a fairly short rehearsal period, danced in a variety of styles. The performance was very well received by the audience and it was clear that the students, many of whom had no previous experience, had been uplifted by Sabrina’s direction, dance skills and choreography. I look forward to Sabrina’s continued inspired work at the college developing dance as a major art form in the education and life of KTJ students."
- Stuart Carter (Head of Music, Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar)

"Creatively conceptualized, meticulously planned and brilliantly executed. A dazzling show of support for Malaysia's animal welfare and an encouraging example for all on what we can achieve when we put our hearts and passion to it. Well done and keep up the flow, Sabrina & Greg!"
- Andy Koh ( on The Pet Project Malaysia 2012

"Ms Sabrina is really cool and I love her creative style of teaching us. Her moves are just amazing. I really like how she use every part of her body to dance. She has a really good personality. I also like how she laugh and smile everytime. Overall, she's a good teacher."
 - Thed Jia Wei (Student, Nexus International School)

"Motivating myself to go to the gym or do any kind of training was almost impossible until I met Sabrina at Pure Fitness in Hong Kong. Sabrina helped me get into a Cardio & Circuit Training routine that I looked forward to throughout the week. She quickly helped me see the benefits, both in the way I looked and also how I felt. I attended her regular Spinning and Body Pump sessions, which quickly resulted in me becoming stronger, fitter and healthier with each week that passed. She is an enormous loss to Hong Kong (and me personally) and a great asset to Malaysia. Keep up the good work Bree :) "
- Simon Ashton (Director, Hong Kong)

"Over the past three months Sabrina Saw has worked as head dance teacher at Nexus International School.She has taught the students of Nexus how to dance with style,creativity and most of all has encouraged our students to express themselves on he dancefloor.Sabrina has brought her wealth of experience to Nexus for the benefit of the students.Her knowledge of so many different dance genres has been invaluable to her students. Her passion and professionalism as a dance teacher has made her one one of the best dance teachers in Malaysia and increased her popularity with the students of Nexus even further.I look forward to keeping working with Sabrina at Nexus."
 - Cathal Mc Hugh (Head of Secondary PE, Nexus International School)

"Sabrina's dance class teaches us a variety of dance styles such as hip hop and ballet. At the same time, the class also helps improve our facial expressions (depending on what type of dance), our flexibility, and our own unique flair ;);). Like any professional dancer, Sabrina always make sure that warm ups and cool down sessions are slotted in the class time, as it prevents us from damaging our body during and after the class. Lastly, U ROCK SABRINA  :D HEHEHEHE.."
- Aqilah Deenah binti Mohammad Oryza Ananda (Figure Skater/Student, SMK Seri Hartamas)

"Sabrina knows her stuff, very professional. She comes on time and prepared for lessons, she doesn't just "wing it". She takes her job seriously but doesn't mind incorporating FUN in the training (e.g., she has great exercises practicing their scales and arpeggios)! Bet you didn't know, she ALSO gives voice lessons! :) BTW, she's also a great cook! Multi-talented lady! When I asked the girls what they like about Sabrina, they said she's encouraging and motivates them by praising them when they get it right, as opposed to yelling at them when they get it wrong! We're enjoying getting to know her..."
- Rdeen Phillips (Sk8rMom), Mother to Laura Joy and Kristiana Cahaya (Figure Skaters/Students)

"Talented, young, beautiful, sexy, passionate, professional, nice and sweet... Sabrina is such a great instructor and a lovely person. I have so much fun and have learned a lot in her classes. Watching the way she moves and dances is so enjoyable that I simply want to take more of her classes!"
- Mable Lai (Works in Retail, Member of California Fitness Centers, Hong Kong)

"Sabrina is THE Dancing Queen! From warm up to cool down, never a dull moment. She got the dancing juices flowing in me throughout her session. Looking forward to the next!"

- Ilham Ismail (Attended RAW by Sabrina & Mother of Ziad and Iman at The British School of Kuala Lumpur)

- Charles Ho (Member of Pure Fitness, Hong Kong)

"My experience in this class was AMAZING! I didn't know you could fit so many types of dance style in one BIG combo! Ms. Sabrina really knows how to plan her dance moves really REALLY well!! To be honest, her choreography skillz are WAY better than mine. Her classes always got some swagg going on! When HER classes got swagg, it fills the whole class with fun and excitement!"
- Ryan Lee (Attended RAW & DanceStretch by Sabrina & Student at Nexus International School)

"I LOVE Ms Sabrina's classes, they're fun, funky, grovey and filled with SWAGG! She really gets the whole class moving with her awesome personallity that brightens everyone along with her amazing dancing. I love how she gumbles a whole lot of different styles of dancing into an amazing and fun routine. She has inspired me and my friends heaps!!! and we can't wait to dance with her in her upcoming classes"
- Ariana Andrews (Attended RAW & DanceStretch by Sabrina & Student at Nexus International School)

"Thanks for the awesome lunchtime hip hop session today Sabrina. The students responded so well to your enthusiasm and funky moves. You have inspired them immensely. Thank you so much Sabrina. Yes, they want you back!!!"
- Gary Agg (On a workshop by Sabrina at AISM, Head of Physical Education at Australian International School Malaysia)

"Our heartiest congratulations on the organization of the Pet Project. This is a unique effort, utilizing fitness and dance to spread the message of animal welfare awareness to the masses."
- Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-based Industries Malaysia

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